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From Plough to Pulpit

Ken Amery

Early expectations of the directions our lives will take don’t always eventuate. I was going to be a farmer. I would own my own farm. I would get married and have a family. I would be active in the public and church life of the district in which I lived.

My expectations were being realised. I owned my own farm. I was married and our family had grown to include three children. I taught Sunday school and preached on occasions when asked to do so. Our life was proceeding as we expected it would.

Then God made it clear it was His will for us to make a big change and commit ourselves to a future of service to Him, in a way that He would reveal to us.

You probably ask how did God do what you say He did? This book will explain that in as far as it is possible to explain it. Probably the best proof that we heard and responded to God’s will is in the evidence of God’s enabling hand on us in the years that followed. The blessings poured out on churches and in the personal lives of many were of God’s doing.

The story of what He led us to do is brought out and related to His glory in the pages of this book. One of the purposes of writing this book is to give praise to God for His unfailing and enabling grace. He enabled us to be channels through which He was able to pour out blessings to many. He gave us strength and help in the times when the going was tough. He reminded us in those times and always that for us and all to whom we ministered there was a present and future for all who put their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.